LongHashX Accelerator Partners with ATOM Accelerator DAO & Neutron to Launch the World’s First Accelerator And Builders’ Fellowship Program for Cosmos Partner Chains

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5 min readJul 3, 2023


The 12-week program offers two distinct routes, designed to provide founders and builders with the necessary knowledge, funding, and network to successfully launch their projects on Cosmos’ Partner Chains

LongHashX, the world’s leading Web3 accelerator, has announced the launch of the historic first program focusing on accelerating projects on Cosmos’ Partner Chains, in partnership with Neutron and ATOM Accelerator DAO. The 12-week program, which comprises the Cosmos Accelerator Program as well as the Cosmos Builders’ Fellowship Program, aims to accelerate the growth of applications built in the ATOM Economic Zone including those building on Neutron.

LongHashX partners with leading Web3 ecosystems to bootstrap their developer communities. Since its inception in early 2018, LongHashX has partnered with Filecoin, Polkadot, Axelar, and Algorand, among others, to accelerate more than 70 Web3 projects. Notable program alumni include Acala, Astar, Balancer, Mintable, Xanpool, Manta network, Lit Protocol, Tranchess, Lighthouse, and Huddle01. LongHashX has helped these projects raise more than US$150m in funding and has accelerated five unicorns. This will be the 12th cohort of the LongHashX Accelerator program and it will be their inaugural Cosmos cohort.

This two-tracked program will pioneer the selection, funding, and acceleration of the first few early-stage applications built on top of Neutron and Cosmos’ Partner Chains. Neutron and the ATOM Accelerator DAO decided to launch this first-of-its-kind Cosmos Genesis Accelerator cohort with LongHashX, the accelerator arm of LongHash Ventures.

“The advent of Partner Chains revolutionized Cosmos completely. What would have been Appchains before, now have the ability to focus on providing their service, such as Neutron, with its smart contract platform, and Stride with its liquid staking, without the need to bootstrap their own validator set. ATOM holders, on the other hand, can now provide security to these new application-focused chains while attracting new utility to the Cosmos Hub. On top of this, applications built on Neutron can leverage Interchain Accounts and Interchain Queries to build highly robust, cross-chain applications. We believe a chain-agnostic future for end users is unveiling at an unprecedented rate, therefore we are very excited to invest in and support early-stage builders in Cosmos to go from idea to Web3-native startup.” said Emma Cui, Founding Partner and CEO of LongHash Ventures.

“This partnership is an exciting pilot for ATOM Accelerator DAO. We exist to provide grants to talented teams building on cosmos but some projects need more than financial support. This partnership enables projects in the ATOM Economic Zone to benefit from coaching and venture-building support that will enable them to go to the next level.” said Better Future, Program Manager of ATOM Accelerator DAO.

“Replicated Security creates strong political and economic ties between the Cosmos Hub and Partner Chains like Neutron. As the first chain to have launched on Replicated Security, we are proud that Neutron’s community has chosen to join forces with the ATOM Accelerator DAO and LonghashX to launch a joint Accelerator program. Collaboration within the ATOM Economic Zone will be crucial to the success of Neutron, Cosmos Hub, and its future partner chains and this initiative is testament to the strength and alignment that exists within the AEZ,” said Avril Dutheil, Core Contributor of Neutron.

Cosmos Accelerator Program

Five projects building on Neutron or Cosmos Partner Chains will be accepted into the LongHashX Accelerator Cosmos Cohort and each project will receive US$100,000 in funding.

On top of the funding received, these projects will also undergo the most web3-native curriculum and hands-on support. The 12-week program in this cohort will include a series of workshops and fireside chats across seven modules: Web3 Product Strategy & Design, Ecosystem Deep Dive, Tokenomics & Governance, Community Building, Smart Contract Security, Web3 Legal, and Fundraising.

Each project participating through this route will have a dedicated Program Lead and Venture Builder, who will meet them weekly for problem-solving sessions and to be a thought partner to help the founders with their toughest challenges.

In addition to the mentors from ATOM Accelerator DAO, Neutron & other Cosmos’ Partner Chains, the selected projects will also get access to LongHash Web (LHW), the world’s first soulbound token-based on-chain contribution network, to meet one-on-one with notable mentors in the wider Web3 space that include leading founders, investors, and developers. LHW’s 100+ mentors include founders of Strangelove, Axelar, Saga, Squid, Safe, and Balancer; investors at Pantera, Polychain, Gumi, Multicoin, Collab+Currency, Hashkey, and DeFiance; and contributors at zkSync, Lens, Linea, Scroll, and Protocol Labs.

For these five projects, the program culminates in a Demo Day where they will have the opportunity to pitch to investors.

Cosmos Builders’ Fellowship Program

20–25 projects will be chosen for the Cosmos Builder’s Fellowship Program. These selected projects will receive the technical and developer support from Neutron and ATOM Accelerator DAO, will participate in workshops and fireside chats, and will have access to Mentor Office Hour sessions with LongHashX Venture Builders.

LongHashX will also facilitate a fast-tracked grant application process for these teams if they choose to apply for grants from ATOM Accelerator DAO or Neutron Grants DAO.

The LongHashX AEZ Accelerator and Builders’ Fellowship Program are scheduled to start in mid-October. Builders have until 13 October 2023 11:59pm (GMT+8) to apply. Teams and projects interested in applying for the program can do so directly here.

About LongHashX Accelerator

LongHashX is one of the world’s leading Web3 accelerators, with the strongest network in Asia, and works closely with ecosystem and infrastructure partners to accelerate the world’s next generation of early-stage founders.

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LongHash Ventures specializes in bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems. Our venture funds invest in early-stage Web3 protocols, and our LongHashX Accelerator partners with ecosystems and protocols to accelerate early-stage founders.

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ATOM Accelerator DAO focuses on incubating projects in the Cosmos ecosystem through providing grants to public goods, open source projects, and ecosystem initiatives. They support contributors to various verticals including Replicated Security, Governance, Decentralized Identity amongst others.

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About Neutron

Neutron is a highly secure cross-chain smart contract platform for Interchain DeFi. Built with the Cosmos SDK and native support for CosmWasm, it enables developers to build smart contracts affordably and securely with high interoperability across apps and chains.

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LongHash Ventures

We specialize in bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems. We invest in Web3 protocols and our LongHashX arm partners with ecosystems to accelerate Web3 founders.